Data443 Targets Brazilian Market through Partnership with It4us

Timing Highlights the Value of Data443’s ClassiDocs as Brazil Readies its General Data Privacy Law – LGPD

RALEIGH, N.C., September 26, 2018 (Globe Newswire) — LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, confirmed today that Data443 has partnered with It4us Big Data Security Analysis, a Brazilian information technology solutions and services provider focused on cybersecurity, data privacy compliance, and cloud management services for the corporate market. The partnership accents the value of Data443’s award-winning data classification and governance technology ClassiDocs™ to the Brazilian market as the country readies its General Data Privacy Law (LGPD), which will take effect in February 2020. Like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the LGPD has deep and complex requirements that will challenge companies to respond. ClassiDocs is purpose-built to deliver industry-leading data security and accurate privacy compliance that address LGPD requirements such as data mapping, data protection impact assessments, mandatory breach notifications, and individual rights to access and erase personal data. Data443 anticipates demand for products like ClassiDocs will increase as the LGPD enforcement deadline draws near.

“The GDPR sparked a worldwide trend toward more stringent protection of personal data,” said Jason Remillard, CEO of LandStar and founder of Data443. “Brazil’s new law mirrors the GDPR in its complexity but takes it a step further by requiring companies to respond in 15 days instead of 30. The LGPD – as well as an increase in similar regulations worldwide – underscores the market potential of our partnership with It4us. By combining their technological and service expertise with Data443 product solutions like ClassiDocs, we will work together to help customers prepare quickly and respond effectively to the LGPD and other regulations.”

According to a Zion Market Research study published in May, cybersecurity market revenue is expected to grow rapidly across Latin America over the next five years, with Brazil seen as having the most potential for business sector growth in the category. The advent of the LGPD is the likely driver of this growth for the Brazilian market based on the fact that Gartner projects regulatory compliance will become the prime influencer for IoT security spending by 2021. It4us aims to capture this growth by offering product solutions such as Data443’s ClassiDocs to help customers assess network vulnerabilities and establish a best-practice response to the LGPD.

“We are excited to bring ClassiDocs to our customers,” said Fabio Pamio, CEO at It4US. “It4us has completed more than 600 successful projects to date and we are ready to help our customers move forward under the LGPD. Data443 and ClassiDocs will enable us to do this with an impressive range of capabilities that make it easy for companies of all sizes to adapt to the new security requirements.”

ClassiDocs deploys in hours to provide continually up-to-date data classification across the entire data estate, including all endpoints, cloud storage, databases, email, structured and unstructured data, and data at rest or in flight. Upon deployment and without specific training, users can:

  • Discover confidential informationsuch as PII, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Report on and remediate security access controls
  • Respond to DSARs and remediation actions
  • Enable customer eDiscovery
  • Comply with regulation requirements such as those outlined by the LGPD

To learn more about Data443 and ClassiDocs or to schedule a demonstration, Brazil-based customers may contact It4us at +55 (11) 4063-4363 or email

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