Data443 Advances Market Lead with World’s First Privacy Compliance Solution for Blockchain

RALEIGH, N.C., October 4, 2018 (Globe Newswire) – LandStar, Inc. (OTCPK: LDSR) (“LandStar” or the “Company”), the parent company of Data443™ Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”), a leading data security and privacy company, announced today that Data443 continues to advance its market lead in delivering the world’s first data privacy compliance solution for blockchain. Built using ClassiDocs™ – Data443’s award-winning data classification and governance platform – Data443’s blockchain solution leverages the company’s extensive work in developing cybersecurity solutions using approved and supported Ripple techniques.

Data443 launched public and validated “Validator” services for Ripple in February this year, and ClassiDocs was added to the default recommended Ripple XRP Ledger Unique Node List (UNL) last month, making it one among only ten other trusted partner technologies listed on Ripple’s UNL. ClassiDocs was the first of its kind solution to support data governance and privacy compliance for blockchain, now Data443 has extended that lead with enhanced features such as patent-pending Data Repository Owner Identification™ technology, native support for over 200 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) search patterns, and optical character recognition (OCR) for classification and GDPR search. This forward progress underscores Data443’s technological lead in developing comprehensive data governance and privacy compliance products for the expanding blockchain marketplace.

“Blockchain has pushed beyond cryptocurrency to disrupt a number of industries that store and manage sensitive data – banking, healthcare, and government are a few examples,” said Jason Remillard, CEO of LandStar and founder of Data443. “The accelerated adoption of blockchain for data storage is happening alongside a worldwide trend toward increased data privacy regulation. Because of this, we expect that 100 percent of the companies that use blockchain now and in the future will require privacy and governance solutions. Our ongoing partnership with Ripple and the continued evolution of our ClassiDocs platform positions us at the forefront of this demand.”

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) our digital universe – all the data created, shared, copied, and consumed across our myriad devices, digital transactions, and more – will grow to 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020. With that turbo-charged growth, the decentralized data storage market is expected to heat up, and blockchain will play a key role. In fact, IDC expects worldwide spending on blockchain solutions to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 81.2 percent from 2016-2021, reaching a total of $9.7 billion by 2021. Yet as blockchain’s value to the data storage market grows, the technology will increasingly be subject to data privacy regulation.

“The GDPR has spurred an influx of data privacy complaints, a trend that will spread worldwide as similar regulations take effect – and blockchain won’t be immune,” noted Remillard. “Just last week, France said it will enforce GDPR rules for blockchain whenever personal data is involved. As data privacy and blockchain converge, we have tremendous opportunity to develop next-generation privacy and security solutions using the Ripple framework.”

Already a top-three cryptocurrency with XRP, Ripple is poised to lead market disruption of industries such as banking, given its focus on the enterprise. Data443’s blockchain solution is purpose-built to help enterprise organizations fast-track data privacy and compliance response for privacy regulations such as the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Data443 will exhibited this week at the Ascent Conference at Pier 36 in New York City. To learn more about Data443 and the ClassiDocs blockchain solution, schedule a demo here

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