GDPR Drives Rapid & Accelerating Enterprise Software Trials with EU-Based Organizations for Data443

Company’s ClassiDocs™ Cloud and Hybrid Architecture Deploys in Hours to Fast-Track GDPR Compliance & Facilitate Core Requirements

Raleigh, N.C., May 24, 2018 (Globe Newswire) – With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect tomorrow, Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc., a leading data security company, today announced that its newly released rapid-implementation version of ClassiDocs™ (v1.36) can significantly fast-track GDPR compliance. ClassiDocs — the company’s award-winning data classification, governance, and eDiscovery product — now delivers significant improvements in explicit PII search and DSAR capabilities, which are core requirements of the GDPR. These solution benefits can be up and running quickly with Data443’s ability to deliver ClassiDocs via cloud and hybrid configurations.

“Data443 is ready for the large increase of client demand expected after the initiation of the GDPR,” said Jason Remillard, CEO and founder of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. “Most organizations don’t realize that they can be GDPR compliant in a few hours with our product. This is a significant improvement over the months, and sometimes years, it takes other solutions to deploy.”

“The GDPR is just the beginning,” added Mr. Remillard. “The financial and brand risk implications of data privacy compliance are not being ignored, as witnessed by recent issues at Facebook and Google. We currently have dozens of company contracts out for bid, resulting in over $1M USD in potential recurring revenue streams. All of this incoming business was mainly in the tail end of the first quarter, and we continue to issue new quotations and initiate new PoC environments daily. The team is at full capacity and our first quarter investments are bearing fruit in both capability and market adoption.”

As more businesses understand the impact and potential liabilities of the GDPR, they are seeking solutions that can quickly move forward their ability to respond. ClassiDocs is purpose-built for privacy compliance enablement. The product directly addresses 12 of the most important GDPR articles, both for reporting and technical controls. This capability enables clients to respond to DSAR demands and at the same time provide an accurate and up-to-date data inventory across their entire data estate, including all end points, any attached or mapped cloud storage, databases, email, structured and unstructured data, and data at rest or in flight. ClassiDocs™ is the only product on the market with this wide-ranging, feature-rich capability set.

Upon deployment and without specific training, users can:

  • Discover PII, PCI, HIPAA, and Other Confidential Information
  • Report on and Remediate Security Access Controls
  • Respond to DSARs and Remediation Actions, with built in Analytics
  • Comply with 12 of the Most Critical GDPR Articles

Data443’s ability to quickly deliver ClassiDocs™ via cloud or hybrid configurations solves GDPR complexity for any organization currently facing the impending deadline without a compliance plan in place. Companies can start a PoC in minutes by clicking this link