1. What is the name of the public company?

In 2019, the name of the Corporation changed to Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. Formerly it was called LandStar, Inc. It is a Nevada corporation formed in 1998.

2. What is the stock symbol?

On November 25, 2019, the stock symbol (“ticker”) for Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. was changed to ATDS (standing for All Things Data Security). The shares are quoted on the Over-the-Counter Pink Marketplace (OTC PK).

3. What does it mean to refer to the “Company”?

The “Company” means Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. and everything it owns, including ClassiDocs, DataExpress, etc.

4. What is a brief description of the business of the Company?

Please see a description of the company on our page here.

5. Where is the Company headquartered?

The Company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, which is located inside Research Triangle Park. Raleigh was recently name a “top tech hub for millennials” by Forbes Magazine. The tech sector in Raleigh is growing almost as quickly as it is in Silicon Valley.

6. Who are the directors and officers of the Company?

Jason Remillard

Jason Remillard is our President, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary and sole Director, positions he has held since November 2017. From November 2017 until May 2019, Mr. Remillard also served as our Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Remillard started his career in the early 1990s with an internet service provider. Mr. Remillard has led software organizations of all sizes throughout his career. In addition to product management, development, and marketing, he has delivered strategic consulting for leading organizations worldwide and in both cyber-security and IT operations capabilities. He has had a distinguished career of over 25 years in the business of enterprise information technology, providing services worldwide. He has been in this business as a vendor, as an implementer and as the customer. Mr. Remillard has developed, delivered, and sold pervasive solutions and products for companies culminating in four successful market exits.

Immediately prior to forming Data443 in [2017], Mr. Remillard focused on building an award-winning data privacy and compliance product, ClassiDocs™. From 2016 until its sale to Data443, he focused on enterprise customer relationships, strategic industry partnerships and setting the foundation for a new and unique entry into the global and growing data privacy and compliance marketplace. In 2015, he relocated to New York City to serve as VP of Security Architecture and Engineering for Deutsche Bank and managed a large and complex portfolio of technology and staff globally, including risk management, data security and enterprise compliance programs. Mr. Remillard also led a large global diversified security products portfolio for Dell Software (formerly Quest Software) from 2011 to 2014, with over 4,000 active customers, development & marketing teams, and international distribution channels. In addition to Mr. Remillard’s previous years as a management consultant for IBM Corporation, he has also developed, marketed and successfully managed five other startups in the cyber security space. With almost 30 years of enterprise IT, business development and product sales experience, Mr. Remillard continues to execute on his vision of simplifying important security capabilities to protect important assets.

Mr. Remillard holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business (London, Ontario). He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Mr. Remillard is a founding member of the Blockchain Executive Group; former VP of CISO Global Security Architecture and Engineering at Deutsche Bank; Senior Product Manager for Dell/Quest Software; Management Consultant for IBM; and Strategic Consultant for RBC Bank and TD Bank.

7. Can I purchase Data443 stock?

Data443 currently trades on the OTC Pink Sheets as the Ticker: ATDS.   Company stock can be purchased through most brokerage accounts, including online brokers. While some brokers will not place orders for “smaller” public companies, most will.

8. Where can I find the Company’s SEC filings?

The Company’s SEC filings can be accessed HERE.

9. Does the Company have plans to “uplist”?

While no time frame or assurances can be provided, it is the intent of the Company to progressively move (“uplist”) to higher trading markets, culminating in an eventual listing on NASDAQ. We will do all we can to satisfy all requirements as quickly as possible.

10. Who has the Company engaged to prepare its audits?

The Company has engaged Thayer ONeal as its independent registered public accounting firm to complete the audits. Contact information is as follows:

101 Parklane Boulevard, Suite 201
Sugar Land, Texas  77478

11. What is a stock transfer agent?
A stock transfer agent manages and maintains the records of a company’s shares, and must be registered with the SEC. The agent is responsible for issuing shares of the Company, as well as transferring the ownership of shares from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name. The agent also determines the stockholders of record, ensures all stocks are properly accounted for, and that dividend payments are made to stockholders of record. The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts; such stock is held in “street name”. Each brokerage firm maintains its own records for the shares bought and sold through it.

12. Who is the Company’s transfer agent?

The Company’s transfer agent is Madison Stock Transfer Inc. Contact information is:

Madison Stock Transfer Inc.
2500 Coney Island Avenue, Sub Level
Brooklyn, NY 11223


13. Can the transfer agent help me with issues regarding my shares?

Yes. The transfer is your point of contact for all issues regarding your shares, such as changing an address, replacing a lost or destroyed certificate, and transferring shares.

14. Will the transfer agent release all information to stockholders?

As is common practice, the Company’s transfer agent will only release to a shareholder information which is unique to the particular requesting shareholder. Other information will not be released.

15. How many shares of the Company’s stock are currently outstanding?

Please refer to our SEC filings for the most recent figure, which can be found HERE.

16. Who handles investor relations for the Company?

Our investor relations efforts are handled by Matthew Abenante. His contact information is:

Matthew Abenante, IRC

17. How can I be notified when new information about the Company becomes available?

All official announcements from the Company will be posted to our mailing list and Twitter Account (@data443Risk). To sign up to be on our mailing list, visit:


18. When is our management team scheduled to meet with outside investor groups?

We continue to have private meetings on demand for various fundraising activities.  Please review our published list of related events on our website at: https://www.data443.com/upcoming_events/

19. Will the Company provide a revenue forecast soon?
Providing forecasts or guidance at this stage of development is a bit early. As the business grows, and revenues become more predictable, we’ll re-evaluate guidance.

20. Is WordPress commercially viable?

The WordPress ecosystem is quite unique in how it operates and contributes to the Internet and information sharing globally. Outside of being one of the largest content management platforms – it is also used significantly as an ecommerce engine for many companies – big and small. More importantly, it continues to demonstrate the value of open source in a commercial world. Many examples abound – Redhat being one of the more popular ones about how open source and commercial needs can be part of the same equation.  WordPress has a thriving commercial component – almost always driven from the open source side of the business.  Much like the ‘freemium’ and ‘trial’ options you see with commercial software and services today – WordPress plugins generally have a limited use/free component offering a commercial component as an upgrade.  The models vary – it can be for better support, more features or more capacity – but certainly WordPress is an excellent brand recognition platform and an extremely cost-effective way to reach hundreds and thousands of IT Administrators, Security engineers and small business owners.  In our case currently, when we refresh our code (fixes, enhancements or attachments to our other products such as ClassiDocs) – over 10,000 active Web Developers, SMB owners and other associated folks are exposed to our brand and capability. As our mission is to provide data security and protection services for organizations of all sizes, in all locations – WordPress is the perfect distribution method for us.  CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, WooCommerce and thousands of others generate tens of millions of dollars annually in the commercial WordPress space. One great study to review: https://freemius.com/blog/codecanyon-wordpress-plugins-analysis/. It should be noted, the official WordPress plugin repository is indeed open source only and non-commercial – all commercial transactions happen on the plugin owners’ site/page/ordering engine.  A great example of this is the WP Security Audit Log plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-security-audit-log/.

21. When did ClassiDocs become available?

The core product itself has been built starting from September 2016 and for almost 2 years heavy development continued and was piloted with select organizations that were early adopters of the vision of a combined Data Classification and Governance product – one that replaced several existing or to be purchased products.  Having spent 1.5 years in constant development and design in conjunction with pilot installations – it became commercially available only earlier in 2018.  ClassiDocs continues to be piloted and demonstrated on a daily basis to many different types of customer opportunities.  The Enterprise IT Security sales cycle is long (6-24 months sometimes) and is expensive to engage on (sales people, support for the pilots, fixes and deployments, compute cycles, etc.)  As well – with any long-term sales cycle – there is always risk (macro markets, competitors, etc.)  Our continued efforts on the product stack include extensions to new areas (that may or may not drive specific revenues but are important strategically – like Ripple or Facebook), and integrations to instances where the sales cycle is much faster – such as a transactional interaction like a WordPress Plugin.  Driving cost, time and complexity out of technology is our mission – engineering the product and implementation to be as simple as a ‘one click exercise’ is our end goal – for many reasons.

22. Can the Company’s officers and employees sell their stock?

All stock issued to Company officers and employees is restricted for a minimum of 1 year and generally vests over several years afterwards.  These issuances of stock cannot be sold into the market until restrictions are lifted.  Additionally, Stock Options have monetary value only once a certain stock price is met.  Company officers are subject to additional restrictions on selling in general, and more specifically on amounts sold during certain time frames.

23. How does DATA443 pay for the acquisitions it has closed, and plans to close in the future?

While every deal is different, generally, our acquisitions are paid for with a combination of cash, vendor debt, and restricted company stock.  The restricted company stock cannot be sold into the market for at least one year after the transaction close and in some cases is tied to performance metrics post-acquisition.  As well, the debt instrument is held by the seller of company for a period of time, as indicated in our recent filings.

24. Since DATA443 is not yet cash flow positive yet, how does the Company fund its operations?

Please refer to our SEC filings for the most current information, which can be found HERE.