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Investor FAQ

General Questions

Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
Data443’s stock symbol is ATDS and the symbol for its warrants are ATDSW.
Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. provides software and services to enable secure data across devices and databases, at rest and in flight/in transit, locally, on a network or in the cloud. We are All Things Data Security™. With over 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, Data443 provides a modern approach to data governance and security by identifying and protecting all sensitive data regardless of location, platform or format. Data443’s framework helps customers prioritize risk, identify security gaps and implement effective data protection and privacy management strategies.

The Company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, which is located inside Research Triangle Park. Raleigh was recently name a “top tech hub for millennials” by Forbes Magazine. The tech sector in Raleigh is growing almost as quickly as it is in Silicon Valley.

Data443 has four members, including Jason Remillard, Chairman of the Board and CEO. The independent directors are Michael Favish, Lewis Jaffe, and Anthony Palma. Bios for our board members are available on our website at Board of Directors.
To buy shares of Data443 you must contact a registered stockbroker; you cannot buy shares directly from the Company.

Data443’s fiscal year ends December 31
The first quarter ends March 31
The second quarter ends June 30
The third quarter ends September 30
The fourth quarter ends December 31

The Company’s SEC filings can be accessed HERE.
The Company has engaged TPS Thayer LLC as its independent registered public accounting firm.

Correspondence about Data443’s common stock ownership, transfer requirements, changes of address, lost stock certificates, duplicate mailings and account status may be directed to:
Madison Stock Transfer Inc.
2500 Coney Island Avenue, Sub Level
Brooklyn, NY 11223

Yes. The transfer is your point of contact for all issues regarding your shares, such as changing an address, replacing a lost or destroyed certificate, and transferring shares.
Data443’s SEC/Legal counsel is Pryor Cashman LLP.
Our investor relations efforts are handled by Matthew Abenante at Strategic Investor Relations. His contact information is: Matthew Abenante, IRC (919)-858-6542
All official announcements from the Company will be posted to our mailing list and Twitter Account (@data443Risk). To sign up to be on our mailing list, visit:
While we look to disclose as much as possible when it comes to a customer’s contract, at times our customers will request that certain contract terms are not disclosed for competitive reasons. While weighing the pros and cons of this on a case by case basis, all of our contracts are reflected in the prevailing quarterly and annual financial statements.
Of course! We welcome everyone to try our products. Visit this link to try, download, or purchase any of our products.