Data443 Acquires select assets from Cyren, Ltd.

On May 15, Data443 announced the acquisition of select assets of Cyren, Ltd. Please see the Press Release here .

Which services did Data443 acquire from Cyren?

Data443 has acquired the following Cyren services: Anti-Spam, Virus Outbreak Detection, IP Reputation, URL Filtering, Threat InDepth data feeds.

Will Data443 rehire the Cyren employees?

We have already been working on this for some time, Michael Tamir and Yael Tasher are leading much of the efforts. We expect (and in some cases have) retained all key people elements of this great service that you rely on!

Business related questions

Yes, majority of clients only require a ‘change of vendor’ 1 page amendment in order to process billings.

We will do our best to reach out to all customers within the next few days, but you are also welcomed to send an email to: with your details, and we will ensure a Cyren/Data443 representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Data443 is already executing on service maintenance and operations. If you are seeing any gaps, please immediately contact support. Data443’s approach to acquisitions is to not introduce any changes (paperwork, service, people) the disrupts the clients. As part of our vendor briefing activities – we will cover day 0 and onwawrds commitments.
Varist acquired Cyren’s Anti-Malware products and services (Malware Detection Engine, Hybrid Analyzer and Threat Lookup). Data443 will continue the cooperation with Varist. If your Anti-Malware is a combined integration with the Cyren Email Security engine or daemon (ctengine or ctasd), you can contact Varist directly, or, if you’re already talking to Varist, we recommend you continue on that path. Otherwise, you will be presented with the option to get the Anti-Malware service via Data443, or directly from Varist. Technically, nothing should change, and you can continue using your current integration. If your Anti-Malware is a standalone integration (CSAMD or AVSDK) please contact Varist directly.

Service & Support related questions

All datacenters have been operational during the past two months. You may have noticed that the Cyren service status page is updated and and maintainted.  ‘Day-0’ activities are to introduce NO changes that affect any services.

Yes. Cyren support and analysts teams are ready to address your submissions. Please submit your requests to (please understand that response times may be a bit longer in the coming days).

As mentioned above, we have resumed reviewing new submissions to
Yes. Data443 has a rich background in the sensitive data marketplace and the Cyren technology stack not only fits very well into its offerings but also enables Data443’s rich taxonomy usage (1,300 sensitive data policies in 41 languages), and 100’s of direct platform integrations.

Yes, as time progresses and the integrations complete additional staff for all areas (finance, operations, development, threat analysts, etc.) in all geographies will be available.