Xbase has extended the capabilities of the language beyond what is available in FoxPro and Clipper. For FoxPro and Clipper developers who are new to Xbase, there are new variable types and language concepts. These can enhance the programmer’s ability to create more powerful and more supportable applications. Additionally, the flexibility of the Xbase language helps create libraries of functions that can be used dynamically across multiple applications. The preprocessor, code blocks, ragged arrays and objects combine allow the programmer to create their own language of commands and functions. As a result, it provides all the advantages of a 4th generation language.

Why Xbase? 

  • Xbase has an independent auditor review our business processes and evaluate them against the international SSAE-18 standard. Hence, auditors and regulators can be assured that we are managing your systems as expected 
  • Working with Xbase is easy. Xbase provides flat fee services with no surprises. For instance, all agreements include a 90-day termination clause so you users are never stuck in a long term contract 
  • As specialists in supporting Financial Services companies, Xbase has experience installing, maintaining, and working with vendors of a number of financial products. These include Moxy, APX, Barralink, CAPIQ, CANDEAL, Barra, Sage ACCPAC, Tamale, Thompson One, QuickBooks, Dynamics GP, Luminex, Clarify and Bloomberg.