X-Cart is an enterprise eCommerce platform that is used as a foundation for unique highly-efficient online stores in 111 countries around the world. The international team of experts provide an in-house experience and 24/7 support. Established in 2001, X-Cart has grown into far more than an eCommerce platform, creating an ecosystem where you find anything you need to build an enterprise eCommerce business, including expert help. Its full stack of services includes turnkey migration from other platforms, custom feature development, dedicated hosting, web design, catalog management, custom integrations, monitoring, and more.

Why X-cart?

  • A team of specialists has the users back when it comes to running your site: maintaining, monitoring, data management, custom feature development, hosting, etc.
  • X-Cart includes built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, such as XML sitemaps, customizable Meta tags & titles, and search engine-friendly URLs.
  • X-Cart App store provides add-ons and integrations e.g. Mailсhimp integration, eBay listings, multiple currencies etc.
  • The software vendor offers a full stack of related services: 24/7 support and fully managed VPS hosting, SEO, design, web development, mobile app development, server administration and so on.
  • Users have full control over their X-Cart site’s look, feel & functionality, without having to code a line.