Veeva CRM


Veeva is a multi-channel cloud CRM developed for life sciences companies, such as, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and healthcare organizations, though it is also applicable to large enterprises outside of the industry. The CRM features an integrated ecosystem to help users execute consistent CRM programs. Disparate data are processed with greater accuracy and timeliness to generate insights, such as account information, influencers in the social media sphere, customer engagements, and sales reports. Hence, it helps users plan a more holistic CRM campaign.

Why Veeva CRM?

  • Increased coordination and consistency among front liners (sales, customer service, field teams…) by putting all consumer information in a single environment.
  • Users can choose only those modules, configurations, security setup, and data sharing rules that are needed to match their situation and cash flow.
  • End-user Web or API traffic data is encrypted in Vault using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. All traffic between Veeva data centers containing user data is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) AES-128 encryption.
  • Built of Salesforce platform, it may not offer the prettiest of the UIs but is pretty robust.
  • There are many 3rd party solutions that integrate well with Veeva.