Twitter Ads


Twitter advertising is a function of Twitter which allows advertisers to target content and promotions to its users. It is a form of display advertising and comes in three forms. These include promoted tweets, for increased reach on a post, promoted accounts, for increased account exposure, and promoted trends, for increased reach on a specific topic. These ads appear at the top of the Explore tab for two visits per person, per day. Next, it moves to the standard Promoted Trend placement. Currently, this ad format is available in 15 countries.

Why Twitter Ads?

  • 62% of users find Twitter to be the quickest way to stay updated with what’s happening. It is a real time connection to the world and a way to interact with celebrities. This creates a direct and fast connection between brands and users.
  • Users can adapt advertising to business goals with new campaigns, but only pay when the targets are achieved.
  • Various studies indicate that advertisers on Twitter consistently obtain higher CTRs, showing that these campaigns attract more attention from potential audiences.
  • Twitter globally prohibits the promotion of URLs (links) within promoted content that create a disruptive or misleading customer experience. This ensures that customers have a positive customer experience with ads on Twitter.
  • Communicating over TLS preserves user privacy and security by protecting information between the user and the Twitter API, which travels across the public Internet. Connections to the Twitter API require TLS version 1.2