SQL Analysis Services


SQL Analysis Services is a tool to create and manage online analytical processing (OLAP) databases. OLAP databases are optimized for fast querying, multidimensional analysis, and data reporting. Businesses commonly use them to make strategic decisions about the business direction by analyzing past trends in your sales or marketing data. As a result, OLAP databases are often referred to as data marts. 

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality. OLAP is a technology that lets you analyze multidimensional data. This includes transaction details or demographics, in relational database systems. 

Why SQL Analysis Services? 

  • Instantly recognize the most significant data patterns in your data 
  • Quickly point out business trends, market conditions, customer preferences, and competitive strategies 
  • Keep your business on course with up-to-the-minute information 
  • Easily share your results with business users and generate management reports 
  • Mine your data for hidden insights to optimize business performance 
  • A specialized database designed for relatively complex queries. 
  • By leveraging the memory and processing power of modern computers, it is possible to quickly analyze large sets of data. Hence, it helps uncover trends that would be nearly impossible using a traditional relational database. 
  • Referred to as data marts because it provides an environment where business users can analyze and interpret the information in data sources. 
  • Designed to provide fast, reliable, secure access to high dimensional data. Therefore, you can locate the critical information your business needs to make informed decisions. 
  • SQL Analysis Services provides you with the ability to design data marts that combine data from multiple data sources.