SAS (Statistical Analysis System) XPT


The SAS (Statistical Analysis System) XPT (SAS Transport) is an extension to the well-known statistical software program SPSS. The XPT has been developed as a standard post-processing tool for transport data. It is particularly used in Traffic and Transportation Science. However, other disciplines like Economics, Geography and Public Health also make use of it. Import of raw data takes place on it, which can be converted into usable information. Thereafter, with the usual statistical analysis tools in SPSS, this information can then be processed further. 


  • It allows the evaluation of different forms of transport jointly, without having to convert them into a common unit. Also, the data is not reduced to just one variable, but can be used in its actual format. 
  • It enables the import of big data sets, even when it is in a different format than SPSS. This allows for easy analysis without prior data preparation. 
  • After the SAS XPT-analyses have been carried out, the results are exported into SPSS. As a result, results can be presented in a comprehensive way. The presentation includes tables, charts and text. Furthermore, it is easy to understand even for people who are not familiar with the statistical methods used. 
  • Separation of the analysis and post-processing allows for faster processing. 
  • SAS XPT is used by transportation scientists and was developed as standard post-processing software for transport data. Therefore, it offers a wide range of possibilities for the processing of transport data. 
  • The overall idea is that, after being imported, the raw data set can be used to generate a data table for further analysis. However, the data must be in an appropriate format.