SAP Newsletter Gateway


The SAP Newsletter Gateway is a service for companies to distribute their newsletters via the Internet. It provides subscribers with an individual account that allows them to access newsletter contents on different computers at the same time. Subscribers always have up-to-date information, even when they are offline. Receivers can request the content either in HTML or RTF format, depending on their choice. The electronic newsletter service is part of the SAP E-service suite. Additionally, any business partner or customer with an Internet connection and a web browser with cookies activated can implement it.  

Why SAP Newsletter Gateway? 

  • Customers get their personal newsletter account which is easy to manage and use 
  • Users access the information they want offline. Newsletters can be requested in HTML or RTF format. 
  • It is a part of the SAP E-service suite, so any business partner or customer with an internet connection and a web browser can implement it. This simplifies the distribution of newsletters. 
  • The sender doesn’t need to have special technical knowledge, as there are no specific requirements on content delivery or hardware. 
  • Requires a low amount of effort and time for the sender to configure their newsfeed. 
  • Its light weighted-ness reduces the performance impact on the SAP system. 
  • Allows easy file transfer of newsletters using FTP or SFTP servers.
  • Also provides statistics on the number of sent messages, opened messages, opened messages with attachments, downloads of the newsletter in HTML or RTF format (limited to 1024 KB), forwarded messages or unsubscribe requests.