SAP Hybris C4C


SAP Hybris C4C is an in-house enterprise-level content management system that has been around since 2011. It was initially known as SAP Enterprise Portals or ESP. The existing solution was not fit for purpose and lacked many of the features that were available in competing solutions such as Drupal or WordPress. It was rebranded as Hybris C4C, with the ‘C4C’ standing for Collaboration for Commerce. The system has a lot of similarities with the likes of Sharepoint. It is unique in its ability to utilize SAP technologies such as ABAP, Java, HANA, and Fiori. However, it still exposes RESTful APIs for non SAP development. 

Why SAP Hybris C4C? 

  • Connectivity is at the heart of Hybris C4C, allowing for easy integration with other systems in the form of Web Services or SAP’s own developed technologies. 
  • Hybris C4C can be tailored to suit the customers’ business processes, without exposing too much source code to the customer. 
  • It is built into the core SAP, which itself has some of the strongest enterprise capabilities around. Moreover, it is supported by an extremely powerful search engine, which can also be used to search for content within the system. 
  • Hybris C4C is built upon the core of SAP’s Fiori UI, and can be easily rendered within a mobile device. 
  • SAP Hybris C4C is a fully open-source solution so it could be extended and customized beyond what SAP provides out of the box. 
  • It can be easily integrated with third-party systems, extending the communication between companies.