SAP HANA XS provides a powerful and flexible platform for developing new applications or extending existing ones. In addition to the standard SQLScript language, it contains a functional programming language called XS Advanced. Its engine allows developers to create complex business logic with high performance using an optimized runtime environment, which reduces the need to use the external programming languages Java and C++. Additionally, it provides advanced libraries for extending Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs). The development of applications is simplified by the use of visual programming via drag-and-drop operations. The approach enables nonprogrammers to develop application logic even faster than with SQLScript. 


  • Businesses can build their own XS applications or enhance existing ones with powerful, customizable logic. 
  • Availability of the programming language enables businesses to create custom objects for their requirements. 
  • The enterprise can create a flexible and modern platform to develop applications with the XS engine. 
  • With SAP HANA XS advanced, businesses can reduce the time to market of new applications. 
  • It also enables a faster development process of complex logic. 
  • A developer-friendly platform with drag-and-drop operations to ease the development process. 
  • It also provides real-time data integration, which enables the rapid development of new applications. 
  • Developers can access all Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) and the SQL standard. 
  • It also provides a data simulator for testing applications before going live. 
  • Developers can also integrate the SAP HANA XS advanced logic with powerful third-party systems.