SAP ByDesign


SAP ByDesign is a cloud-based platform that allows users to build and run custom applications in around 10 days, and is best suited for small and medium-sized business usage. Launched in 2009 as ‘in-memory Enterprise Resource Planning’, it was later rebranded as ‘cloud for everyone’ in 2013, containing functions like sales, customer service, financial controlling, or HR management. SAP ByDesign allows the creation of several kinds of business apps including simple data collection apps to more complicated apps with a workflow. The idea is that companies can start with minimal investment and easily add on modules as they grow. 

Why SAP ByDesign? 

  • Low Costs: SAP ByDesign’s primary goal is to enable the easy creation of web-based business applications. It requires no IT knowledge and thus, costs little. 
  • Low Learning Curve: No extended training is required to use this application This is because the app builders only need to use a browser and a mouse. 
  • High Flexibility: it allows flexible scaling of storage space and computing power if needed. Also, it supports the use of third-party software and Web services. 
  • High Availability: SAP ByDesign runs on its own in the cloud. Moreover, SAP provides security and 24/7 support. 
  • Security: SAP ByDesign is highly secure thanks to a combination of technologies that include a firewall and end-to-end encryption.