SAP Business One


SAP Business One is a business management software application from SAP SE. It was introduced in Germany in 2002, and worldwide in 2004. In contrast to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which manages a company’s back-office operations as well as financials, this software focuses on small to medium enterprises (SME). It provides business management functionality such as sales, procurement, and inventory across different industries. It also supports social collaboration tools to help businesses share information. In addition, it is available as a cloud service as well as on-premises software that can be installed by a customer. 

Why SAP Business One? 

  • Provides integrated business management processes, product data management and industry content. This helps to manage the end-to-end value chain. 
  • Since it is a part of the SAP family, it can be easily integrated with other applications running on the same platform. For example, an SAP Business One customer can configure SAP HANA as a cache for its SAP Business One data.  
  • All updates from the source system are automatically pushed to this software’s cache for real-time reporting and analytics. 
  • Provides a variety of functionality, such as e-commerce, mobility and business analytics. This allows customers to analyze their business performance in detail and respond accordingly. 
  • Because of its ease of use and low implementation time, its customers can speed up their return on investment (ROI). This is because they only need to create their company data once. 
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies. This allows SMEs to address a wider customer base.