SAP Business One DI


SAP Business One DI, or Direct Integration, provides a way to connect your business applications more closely together to your SAP environment, without the need for a middleware layer. This results in more streamlined processes and ultimately saves time and money. It is a connector between SAP Business One and the other business applications you use (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, etc.). Furthermore, it provides a set of services and APIs that can be used by other applications to directly read and update data in your SAP Business One system. Hence, this approach dramatically reduces the need for complex, time-consuming integrations using middleware layers. 

Why SAP Business One DI? 

  • More efficient integration – provides a direct link between your business applications and your SAP environment. 
  • It enables streamlined processes, improved collaboration, and reduces the need for complex integration solutions. 
  • SAP Business One DI plugins provide a quick and easy way to connect popular business applications with your SAP Business One system. 
  • Flexibility and scalability – Is available on-premise or via the cloud, your choice. 
  • It provides the flexibility to work with your existing IT landscape without affecting future innovation. 
  • Ready-to-use solution – included in the SAP Business One system. It is ready-to-use, without the need for additional licenses or fees. 
  • Data Availability: provides high availability of data in your other business applications. This is even when these are running on different systems (for example, SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics NAV). 
  • Data Quality: you can connect both your SAP and non-SAP systems to the same data source. This allows you to clean up and standardize master data across multiple sources.