SAP Business Objects BI


SAP Business Objects BI 4.3 is a business application that provides users with the capability to share and analyze information across departmental and organizational boundaries. It provides the capability to access, share, and analyze information to make well-informed decisions, enabling users to access and analyze information in most formats (text, images, video) regardless of the location. Also, it helps them to build dashboards and reports with dynamic content over various devices (tablets, smartphones). The users can also create their own ad hoc queries and share them in just a few clicks. 

Why SAP Business Objects BI? 

  • Data Visualization: The data visualization tools of SAP Business Objects BI 4.3 helps to easily and quickly transform huge amounts of data into rich and interactive dashboards and reports. 
  • Scalability: Provides the capability to increase the data analysis capacity when an organization’s needs increase. 
  • Flexibility: Allows users to work in any environment, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Interactivity: Users can gain deep insight into their data with the help of various analytics capabilities available. 
  • Security: Helps the users to grant read-only access, add/modify users and add/remove data sources. 
  • Compatibility: Provides the capability to access data from any source such as SAP BW, Microsoft SQL Server and many more. 
  • Mobility: End users can access and analyze information to make well-informed decisions from any device such as tablets, smartphones and more. 
  • Privacy: Helps the users to protect the privacy of sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.