Salesforce Pardot


Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation software that enables marketers to have access to all their data in one place. It provides an intuitive interface to manage email, social media and display ads, and is best suited for Salesforce clients who need to manage inbound leads.

Why Salesforce Pardot 

  • Lead Scoring: It enables marketers to prioritize leads based on their behavior and activity.  
  • Pardot uses a three-step process to score the leads: Engage: a lead gets a score of 1 when a user uploads a new record in Salesforce, Qualify: a lead’s score increases based on the number of activities they perform on website and Score: a lead’s score increments based on their purchase history, website behavior and user activity. 
  • Lead Nurturing: It enables marketers to send personalized email messages to leads based on their actions. 
  • Lead Management: Pardot enables marketers to manage prospects from the first time they come into contact with the company until the final close. 
  • Lead to Money: Conversion Tracking enables marketers to track conversions, so they know exactly how many leads became paying customers. 
  • Email Campaigns: It enables marketers to create and deploy email campaigns. 
  • Landing Pages: It enables marketers to create web pages on their websites and add them to different campaigns. 
  • Social Media: It also lets marketers manage social media campaigns. It provides features to post updates across platforms including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Display Advertising: Pardot also enables marketers to manage display ads.  
  • Pardot is a Salesforce product hence works well with other Salesforce products like sales cloud and service cloud.