Raiser’s EDGE NXT


Raiser’s EDGE NXT is a web-based matchmaking solution that uses powerful algorithms to help find volunteer and paid special event staff. With the click of a mouse, Raiser’s EDGE NXT lets you view a list of staff that meet your criteria for available skills, qualifications, and experience. Additionally, it is a centralized database that brings together a multitude of functions for finding staff; allowing you to better coordinate your volunteers and paid staff while saving time and money. It makes it easy to manage your registration process for both volunteers and paid staff, saving you time. You will also be able to spend more time recruiting staff, not managing volunteers. 

Why Raisers EDGE NXT

  • Account Management – Manage your account, staff and events easily 
  • Unlimited staff registrations – You can have unlimited staff registrations in a given period. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – If there is ever an issue with your staff match, it will fix it immediately. 
  • Account Manager – Have a single contact for all your staff needs 
  • 4 easy steps to use Raisers EDGE NXT: Login, Register Staff, Match Staff, Schedule Staff 
  • Customizable – Easily create your own criteria for staff searches. 
  • Accessible anywhere – EDGE NXT can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access 
  • Client support – Have a dedicated support person to help you with your account and staff registration 
  • Security and protection – Raisers EDGE NXT is a safe and secure service