Quickbooks POS


Quickbooks POS is a point of sale system that runs on the Quickbooks platform. You can run your entire business from this one software, including inventory management, customer management, order entry and processing, transaction reconciliation, financial reporting, and more. Quickbooks POS is the next evolution of point of sale software, connecting customers to your business like never before. Each customer becomes a registered user of your POS system where they can log in to view their previous purchases, access special deals and rewards, leave reviews, create wish lists, and instantly buy your products. 

Why Quickbooks POS?

  • Inventory Management. Track the number of items in stock, sold, pending orders, and much more. This allows you to efficiently manage your inventory so that you never run out. 
  • Customer Management. Track customer IDs, purchase history, transactions, notes on relationships with that customer, and more. This allows you to build your business and relationships with customers. 
  • Order Entry and Processing. Enter orders quickly, process them in the background while you take care of other tasks. As a result, you quickly serve your customers and satisfy their needs. 
  • Transaction Reconciliation. With this, you can easily reconcile your transactions and take care of bookkeeping. 
  • Finance Reporting. Get reports on inventory, sales, payments, and more. This allows you to make informed business decisions and stay informed about your sales and earnings.