Power BI is a cloud-based web protocol by Microsoft. It includes a whole set of applications required for business data analytics, helping visualize data in different forms and allowing the sharing of said data in the whole organization through mobile and desktops. It is a sort of connectivity channel through which any third party can connect or access data using XMLA, meaning that the users can easily connect other applications such as DAX Studio or Tableau in order to convert the data from Power BI. Also, they can visualize it in the format of the third-party application according to their needs and requirements.  

Why Power BI XMLA? 

  • The fact that many vendors have accepted it as a standardized connectivity endpoint makes it easy to access and integrate with other softwares 
  • A wide number of tools can be integrated with Power BI through read-only XMLA. These include SSMS, SQL Server Profile, DAX Studio, Excel pivot tables 
  • Any user can connect through the XMLA endpoint, so there is no need to buy a pro-license for the access. 
  • The security of data sent over XMLA Endpoints from the client to the engine that manages the Power BI is fully ensured through encryption and read-only feature