Postgre SQL


Postgre SQL is a relational database management system that allows the storage of large types of data in form of tuples and relationships. As is obvious from the name, it uses SQL for all types of queries. Users can easily evolve their databases without the need for manual recompilation. Created by Micheal Stonebracker 1986,Postgre SQL has been awarded as the best database of the year many times. 

Why Postgre SQL

  • Since it is an open-source database, it allows its users complete freedom to evolve, update or edit the information as they will. 
  • It is also very affordable because it has no licensing fee or any other hidden charges – it is totally free! 
  • Security features include TDE and Data Masking 
  • Scalability is a feature provided by Postgre SQL. Hence, the users can easily scale up or down in the software as per their business requirements without any limits. 
  • It also supports replication methods such as streaming replication and cascading 
  • Its protocol for communication between the front and backend is message-based. Also, TCP/IP and Unix Domain sockets support it.