Paylocity provides a cloud-based payroll management system as well as Human Resource software. For businesses, managing payroll and other related human resource activities manually can be time-consuming and erroneous. Therefore, usage of Paylocity’s software program can make life easier, reduce the number of human errors and raise overall productivity. WebPay is the main payroll service and apart from this, different services related to talent management, tax filing, administrative actions, and benefits and compensation are also provided.  

Why Paylocity?

  • It can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on payroll processing because of all its features. You can update one employee’s bonus/salary change with just one click. Its integration with the time tracking feature can easily calculate the number of man-hours each worker put in and correspondingly give their salary for the month.
  • Another benefit of the payroll system is integration with other functions. This is because often companies use different software for HR activities which need to be manually integrated with the payroll. However, since Paylocity integrates all of these services under one roof, this collaboration becomes easier for the user.
  • Specifically Paylocity’s payroll solution, Webpay provides personalization and customization features to its users. Therefore, users can easily tailor the software requirements according to their own needs.
  • Security features include IPS, IDS, WAF, SIEM, DLP, and penetration testing.