MySQL is a relational database management system (RDMS) which MySQL AB initially designed in 1995. Later, the Oracle Corporation acquired this plan. This pen-source software is free to use and its code is generally open so that other developers can modify it. MySQL is regarded as the most secure and trustworthy database management system on the market today. 

Why MySql?

  • Doesn’t consume space compared to other databases like SQL server, and being lightweight is easier to set up and connect your application(s)
  • It is available on LINUX and Windows platforms and comes with features including access, authentication, backups, and extended running support for languages like Perl, Tcl, Huskey
  • MySQL allows for fast and lossless recovery of data if something goes wrong during transactions
  • Has the ability to import and export multiple sets of data, assisting in successfully migrating to other platforms
  • Has zero cost implementation without compromising on critical features of a database solution 
  • Contains the largest user community of any database management system available, making it easy to find solutions and troubleshoot problems encountered
  • Provides a low-level graphical interface for easy understanding of what to do and where to do it