Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project is a powerful project management tool used by SMB- Enterprise size businesses. Primarily used for tasks assignment, assigning timelines, project team management, resources allocation, project cost and tracking, Microsoft Project allows managers to easily share the project program and to allocate tasks to individuals, keeping users up-to-date.

Why Microsoft Project?

  • Versatile, complete and easy to use, with an efficient way to follow up and quickly stay in control of all projects
  • Microsoft Project Server is easy to navigate and contains a user-friendly interface
  • Automatically updates dates of tasks dependent on others, allowing the sharing of a resource pool and highlights when resources are over-allocated
  • Microsoft Project understands who is working on what, the load management and gets insights into the projects
  • Comes with grate BI capabilities and dashboards for SharePoint and portfolio management, helping to track the cost and progress of projects
  • Highly secured and authenticated
  • While managing resources, it can quickly and easily identify resource over-allocation & remaining availability
  • Managers are able to share timelines with team members in real-time