Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Planner is a simple, fast and efficient tool for planning and ordering with prioritized tasks. Businesses can track tasks, collaborate, and monitor performance of team members with a calendar embedded within the software.

Why Microsoft Planner?

  • Planner is great for its integration with the other Microsoft Office products, especially SharePoint. 
  • Can assign tasks to any team member by creating different group for different teams that can be tracked easily
  • Outlook will notify you by email if any changes have been made to the task assigned to you
  • Seamless collaboration tool: allows sending requests that include the deadline and details around what the task requested are. You can add in who the request is to, who it is coming from, and additional details on the item, including what the overall task stems from and the overall deliverable or goal. 
  • Ability to create daily work plans for efficient time and task management
  • Multi-device operation capabilities