Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service, which allows the organization’s employees to have storage space. It is distributed between their corporate email account and accessible space, for data storage and integration with the other applications in the 365 Suite. Microsoft OneDrive also offers backup options with high levels of protection for users, allowing for synchronization of all files from any device where the corporate account is connected. 

Why Microsoft OneDrive?

  • It is possible to add more functionality to each tool of the Microsoft suite through OneDrive, such as auto-save in the desktop version of Microsoft office 365
  • Easy collaboration with integration of OneDrive with other MS products – files can be shared directly from one drive using MS Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint
  • Storage at an affordable rate.
  • Option to trial – can be accessed using Microsoft accounts
  • OneDrive immediately and automatically syncs the files so users can access files directly from the mobile one drive and view on-the-go
  • If for some reason your laptop becomes compromised or damaged beyond repair, all of your documents are still saved to the cloud through OneDrive for Business