Microsoft Exchange


Microsoft Exchange is an email and calendar hosting service initially released in 1996 by Microsoft. It helps in organizing events, meeting and other business activities. Exchange is a great tool to utilize if you need access to your company or personal email, especially on the go. It allows a user to login and provides a web-based version of their mailbox. 

Why Microsoft Exchange?

  • Business and user-friendly portal with all email solutions at one place
  • Keep mailboxes and calendars organized
  • Efficient privacy settings that alert when an email is coming from an external source
  • Receive weekly user reports showing how much time was spent on collaboration versus personal work versus rest or off-screen time
  • Cloud-based messaging infrastructure for easy management and support
  • Increased Productivity: Organizes all email messages, calendar information, and other Outlook features as one. 
  • User-friendly UI: It is very easy to use, intuitive, colorful and extremely flexible
  • Integrate multiple email accounts and personal calendars
  • Easy adoption rate