Microsoft Dataverse


Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud based, low code data service and application platform. Enterprises can utilize it to store their business application data, giving structure to a variety of data and business logic. This helps to support interconnected applications and processes in a compliant and secure manner. Additionally, Dataverse is available globally and can be deployed geographically as well to comply with any potential data residency requirements. 

Why Microsoft Dataverse?

  • Powers dynamics 365 solutions like filed service, customer service sales, marketing 
  • Integrates with various services including power apps, power BI, excel, power automate and virtual agents  
  • Easy to manage with data and metadata stored in the cloud, allowing Dataverse to bring together the business data in one place  
  • Easy to secure as it uses azure active directory identity and the access management mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users are able to access the data, environment and reports  
  • Dataverse can work with both relational and non-relational data, such as images, files,  and connect to other services that include the data for your business  
  • Allows you to easily apply business logic at the data level 
  • Creates rich and interactive reports and dashboards with Power BI