Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is an accounting software package used for managing the financial information of businesses. Accounting transactions are entered into Dynamics GP and organized by financial accounts, including revenue and expenses. Financial information is analyzed with reports and dashboards. At the highest level, there are the five document types that exist in Dynamics GP: sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, receipts and shipments. The most recent version of Dynamics GP is version 18.3. 1245, which was released in February 2021. Dynamics Gb is known for its flexibility, dependability, and integration abilities.

Why Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP has numerous features that make it a superior solution to many other accounting software packages.

The primary features include:      

  • Dynamics GP supports multiple vendors for each product, allowing companies to manage costs and inventory levels
  • It allows for multiple currencies to be used simultaneously by the company 
  • It provides over 50 different integration options
  • It supports multiple users within an organization throughout all departments, providing each user with appropriate access 
  • It provides the ability to encrypt data throughout the system, making it nearly impossible for unauthorized personnel to view private, confidential information
  • Dynamics GP is very user-friendly and easy to customize based on the business needs of an organization