Kintone is an app that integrates various services to allow for efficient enterprise collaboration. It also includes a framework in which users can build their own applications. Kintone’s distinguishing factor is that it provides user-friendly design tools similar to social media, making the development of custom apps easy. This has allowed Kintone to gain clientele that includes a wide range of business types, from manufacturing companies to market research agencies.

Why Kintone?

  • Kintone has an extremely low learning curve, allowing even those with no previous coding experience to create custom apps without any difficulty
  • Kintone’s user-friendly interface is enriched by its excellent demonstration videos, which make learning even faster and easier
  • Kintone provides a rich and varied selection of functions, so companies can integrate their existing systems with Kintone easily
  • Kintone has excellent technical support and customer service team and offers extremely reliable hosting that allows for the most efficient use of Kintone’s potential
  • Kintone system allows users to choose a package that corresponds to their business size, giving business owners the security of knowing they won’t be overpaying.