IBM Cloud SQL Query

IBM Cloud SQL Query is a fully managed, highly scalable relational database service that allows you to focus on your data and applications without worrying about the infrastructure required to manage your databases. It is a service that runs on the IBM Cloud and provides DBAs with complete insight into their databases using data visualizations, performance metrics, and GDPS integration.

Why IBM Cloud SQL Query?

  • A complete database solution with capabilities beyond relational databases, including Redis caching and MongoDB storage
  •  It has built-in support for NoSQL solutions, such as MongoDB and Redis
  • It has built-in support for relational, document, graph and key/value NoSQL solutions and also supports multiple levels of encryption
  • It enables your team to collaborate with agile project planning tools like Bluemix DevOps
  • It’s simple and secure, with a world-class SLA for availability, security and performance and enables you to provide your application with access to its own private database
  • It provides an option for DB2 z/OS to be hosted on the cloud and offers built-in support for continuous backups
  • It’s on the IBM Cloud so you can access your data anytime, anywhere without installing or provisioning hardware
  • It offers built-in support for high availability, security & elasticity and has enhanced support for JSON and schema-less data