HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems is a big data platform that uses Apache Arrow for columnar in-memory storage and computation. It has been open-sourced by HPE and the source code repository is available on GitHub. HPCC stands for High-Performance Compute Cluster and uses a shared-nothing non-blocking architecture that can process data in real-time. It is built on top of Spark and Apache Hadoop which means it supports traditional MapReduce jobs.

Why HPCC System?

  • HPCC is built with a shared-nothing architecture—every node or server can handle 100% of its system resources
  • There are no single points of failure for HPCC
  • It is 100% Apache compatible, meaning it supports MapReduce jobs and Sparks jobs from the same cluster
  • It requires no system administrator to manage it
  • HPCC provides a way for businesses that have only a limited IT support team to take advantage of big data
  • HPCC can be used on-premise or in a public cloud
  • HPCC can handle both structured and unstructured data
  • HPCC is very fast for big data processing jobs
  • HPCC scales rapidly to handle more data, requiring less expansion time than other big data systems
  • It is easy to install HPCC on any Unix-like environment
  • The performance of HPCC increases with the use of more nodes in a cluster