Greenplum Database is basically an SQL Database that does massive parallel processing and clusters different servers together without any problems into one single interface. It was initially created by Pivotal and later taken over by VMware. Its basic purpose is to help a business/enterprise to manage their databases and help the users to spread their data in different types of servers. Being an MPP Database, it has the ability to handle large amounts of data analytics and achieve results in a quicker and more efficient manner. 

Why Greenplum?

  • Since Greenplum works on MPP, it means that it has a shared-nothing architecture, each unit works independently from each other with separate storage, so that workload is divided across a multitude of servers, to avoid crashing of one system.
  • Greenplum has high performance because of the fact that it can stream the data directly to the CPU from a disk and does not need memory for storage like other systems or the need of fitting data into RAM Memory. 
  • Greenplum also uses parallel processing, which means that it can easily optimize the user’s query because it splits the workload between different server resources
  • It is an open-source data warehouse and users can access it from any Linux servers
  • Security features include SSL Encryption, IPsec, VPN, and password protection
  • Web protocols include gpfdist, HTTP