GraphQL is a query language that is used to transfer data from an API into the user’s application since it describes how to request data. It was developed by Facebook, before being moved to the QL Foundation in 2018. This language helps to give a comprehensive understanding of API Data and allows the clients to ask what they are looking for in an easy and simple manner.   

Why GraphQL?

  • It shows exact and relevant results, as the clients have the ability to request specific queries and receive similar answers in return
  • Furthermore, GraphQL also has the ability to fetch a variety of different data through just one single query, so the client does not need to make a different one each time – by simply changing the command they can retrieve the information
  • A centralized location of data storage is provided, as GraphQL Schema is the source of truth in related applications
  • This is less vulnerable to errors because it is a strongly typed language in SDL Format
  • Security features include route change options and authentication
  • Web protocol used by GraphQL is HTTP