Google Spanner

Google Spanner is a relational database, that stores all kinds of structured/non-structured data in order to provide transactional services to its users. It combines SQL and NoSQL traits in order to provide consistency. Since Spanner stores a large amount of data, it also allows the users to perform their queries by using SQL.

Why Google Spanner?

  • The ability of Google Spanner to run SQL is unique and impressive and does not require re-engineering if migrating to new technology
  • The scalability of Google Spanner is another key advantage as the system can increase or decrease in capacity according to trends and requirements
  • The changes in the database can be made instantly and without any real difficulty so it is definitely a speedy process 
  • Since it is a google cloud-based service, it provides security features for its users including, CMEK, Encryption, IAM Protocols, and audit logging
  • Google Spanner also provides backup services through PITR so the information can easily be recovered if lost