Google Sheets

Google sheets is an online spreadsheet program provided by Google, where users can easily make their own spreadsheets, in the form of an excel file to store and analyze data. It is part of the Google Suite that is offered by Google and includes Google sheets, docs, slides, drawings, etc. In easier terms, it is basically an excel online, powered by Google which provides ease of creating, uploading, sharing, and editing files through cloud-based technology.  

Why Google Sheets?

  • The first and fundamental benefit of using google sheets is the fact that it provides collaboration with other people, i.e it has a feature that lets the creator of the sheet share the particular spreadsheet with others and allow them editing rights so that all team members can work together.
  • Google sheet can be integrated with Google Big Query which allows the user to directly import data from BigQuery to sheets in order to perform complex calculations and run large datasets, importing results directly into Google sheets
  • Linking with other G-Suite services is another handy option so the users can easily link the information in sheets with google slides and the figures and charts will be automatically updated every time the sheets are updated
  • For a beginner, the Google sheets have a very easy and user-friendly interface, so that they can easily start making their spreadsheets without any complex training for learning new software.
  • Everything in google sheets is automatically saved, so if the laptop crashed in the middle of work, you do not need to worry about starting it from scratch.
  • Security features include: SSL Data encryption