Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most prominent services by Google. It is a service that provides an online storage facility so that users can store their data in form of files in a centralized cloud-based location. It can be accessed easily through phone, or computer and with just a click, the user can upload their files, and even edit them online or offline. It also allows the user to share these files with team members in order to disseminate information easily.

Why Google Drive?

  • It is fully supported by other Google services, and all Gmail users have a 15GB Storage space for free.
  • Privacy of files is kept in google drive, and unless the creator of the file grants permission, no one can access or see the files
  • Sharing files in order to work in collaboration is a key feature of Google Drive, as the user can share links of the file and all team members can edit them accordingly if access is granted. This allows for the team to work together even while sitting at remote locations
  • The security features of Google Drive include: AES256 or AES128 encryption
  • Google Drive uses SSL Web protocol
  • Google drive is compatible with all devices so the user can access their files through android, iOS, personal computers, and laptops.