Google Directory

Google Directory refers to the online web directory which was hosted by Google. It allows users to browse through the internet and directory in order to research and select what they want. The Google Directory was discontinued, however, it was a place where topics were organized in terms of headings, like in a table of content – so the users could easily browse and select the topic they wanted to read more about. Google directory is created by volunteers who contributed to the open directory web page 

Why Google Directory?

  • Since the web directory is formatted in form of categories, the users can easily click the one they are interested in rather than having to read through irrelevant sites.
  • A google directory may also be used for building online links, so if the user submits their website into the business directory, they can easily increase their reach and growth.
  • There is a lot of data on directories therefore, a quick search result in numerous sorts of information which the user can then sift through easily
  • The google directory was available in about 86 languages so that people from all around the world could benefit from it regardless of any sort of language barriers