Google Data Catalogue

Google Data Catalogue is a service platform provided by Google which helps in maintaining a company’s data assets. It keeps an inventory of data assets through proper discovery and maintenance of information. The main purpose of the data catalog is to search and analyze information through queries by its users. Therefore, it helps scientists to extract useful information and make decisions based on it.

Why Google Data Catalogue?

  • As a product of Google, it relies on the powerful search engine in order to collect and organize data from different sources 
  •  Integration with BigQuery helps the customers to gain pre-aggregated data so they do not need to run long table scans
  •  Since it is an automated process, it results in efficiency and fast results for its users
  • It helps in becoming less dependent on a specialist team of IT Professionals, as users can themselves use this tool to search for data very easily
  • This service also helps in data governance and ensuring proper compliance to regulations, with Cloud DLP and Cloud IAM Integrations