Google Contacts

A service by Google, this is an online contact management tool that helps in creating a list of contact information, organize it, and then manage it appropriately to keep in touch with the people you communicate with on a regular basis. There are two types of Google Contact Management tools, one which is directly managed by the user himself, My Contacts, and the other one is managed by the account administrators, Google Apps Directory. 

Why Google Contacts?

  • It is an easy to use efficient platform which can provide great ease for the user in terms of management, search, and communication
  • Since it is a google product, it can also be integrated with other Google services easily, for example, your google contacts can be synced with Gmail and added by default
  • Google contacts can be operated on a number of devices such as Android, Symbian, iOS, etc
  • Google contacts can be downloaded easily in CSV Formats and then uploaded in different other platforms so there is no such restriction on exporting information
  • Security features include backup options and Google’s security features that are applied to Google contacts as well.