Google Campaign Manager

Google Campaign Manager is an online marketing tool for advertisers and campaign managers which gives a comprehensive view of their campaign’s overall effectiveness and provides a way to streamline their marketing strategies. It is a cross-channel ad management platform that provides a centralized location for users to analyze their campaigns and extract insights to enhance and improve their performance.

Why Google Campaign Manager?

  • Google Campaign Manager allows its users complete autonomy over their campaigns, with features such as dates of the campaign, the landing pages they want, as well as provide customer segmentation capabilities.
  • It also allows its users to track the campaigns and measure their effectiveness for further action. For example, just by creating pixels on the platform, the advertisers can get to know the traffic rate, conversions, and site clicks.
  • The verification feature of Google Campaign Manager is an added benefit that allows the users to actually ensure that their campaigns are being properly run
  • Since it is a Google-provided platform, it can be integrated with other services such as DV360, SA360