Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online service that provides its users’ insights into how users visit their website in form of reporting tools, statistics, and reports. It is essentially a way to track and analyze the website’s performance based on the actions taken by the customers who visit the site, in a systematic and organized manner. By gaining knowledge about customer behavior, a business can track its website’s performance, marketing campaign’s effectiveness and make changes for better optimization to increase sales and online sales conversion.  

Why Google Analytics:

  • Zero Cost of usage because Google Analytics is a free platform that does not require any sort of payment or subscription for usage.   
  • Presentation of insights and data is very flexible and according to the needs and requirements of the business. It allows the users to receive the data in form of graphs, charts, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Data analysis can be done through the metrics and reports provided through Google Analytics – it is not just a tool for data reporting but also gain insights from that data and use it to edit/change the campaigns of your marketing strategy
  • Google Analytics is also helpful in identifying the channels or websites that actually help in diverting the traffic to your business’s homepage. This allows the business to focus more on the ones that are creating traffic and therefore, reducing cost and resources allocated to others.
  • For ensuring the security of data, Google Analytics uses HTTP Strict Transport Security