Google Ads

Google Ads is a platform through which businesses can display their ads and reach their target customers online. Through this, advertisements can be displayed on Google’s search engine or other mobile applications. For businesses using this, it has a pay-per-click policy in which payment has to be made for every click on the ad. Through these ads, businesses can ensure that traffic is diverted to their own websites, as the customers search for the products they are interested in and a google ad pops up.

Why Google Ads?

  • The unlimited reach of Google is a great benefit for people using Google Ads. Google is now synonymous with searching and every person who requires something first goes online to search for it – on Google. The fact that Google ads are supported by this search engine also increases the reach for it and can easily target a large number of people.
  • Integration with Google ad manager and analytics helps understand the impact and effectiveness of the google ads in a very detailed and informative manner, so the business can easily revamp their strategy if the results are not effective
  • Google ads help in increasing the brand’s awareness among people. When a business advertises its product online, it will reach a wider audience in a short amount of time, therefore, increasing familiarity with the brand. 
  • Specific targeting is another great feature provided by Google Ads, as it allows the business to choose from the keywords that their customers typed in when they searched for a product, which can be used for the optimization of their own campaigns. 
  • Security features of Google Ads account include a 2 step authentication for account verification, that allows the users to keep their account secured and protected from hackers.