Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager as the name suggests is an exchange platform specifically designed to manage advertisements from one specific place, rather than different platforms. Managing it from one platform allows the users to efficiently manage marketing campaigns rather than spending time on different services. It provides the features of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange into one single platform. Google Ad Manager allows its users to aim at a specific target market with precision and increases the competition for the advertisements as well.

Why Google Ad Manager:

  • A centralized place for all the data saves time and also makes managing the accounts easier. It eliminates the process of opening, logging in, and then logging out of different accounts for advertisements.
  • Google Ad Manager is an easy-to-use platform, that does not require any complicated sort of training. Coupled with a friendly graphic user interface, it makes managing your campaigns much more fun and easy.
  • It provides useful and detailed insights regarding the campaigns through the use of detailed reporting tools and reports such as reach reports, future sell-through reports, forecasts, etc which give a holistic review of a business’s marketing campaigns
  •  Ad manager makes sure that HTTPS Compliance is done for security purposes and it also supports ads.txt standard to provide security to creatives