Gmail is a web-based mail introduced by Google, which allows the users to send and receive email messages just like any other online mailing service. It allows a storage capacity of one gigabyte for each user, which at the time it was introduced was much more than what its competitors offered. Like other online mailing services, Gmail also allows the users to easily send and receive messages, block spam emails, craft a personal address book, etc. It is an easy, effective, and fast way to communicate for personal and professional use.

Why Gmail?

  • Gmail offers vast storage space for each user, which is essentially a great way to make sure that your information is safe in a reliable space. For businesses, this storage space is 25 GB which allows your business to retain old emails and there is no need to delete or transfer them into a separate hard drive due to less space
  • Ease of access is another advantage of Gmail, as it can be accessed through any portal, online. Either through the web or through the Gmail application on your mobile devices, so there is no chance of being disconnected from it and even when you’re conducting business on the go, you are connected with your official emails through online access.
  • Integration with other Google services such as Google docs, sheets, calendars, and YouTube is another benefit of using Gmail, since signing into Gmail requires you to also sign up for Google accounts – which naturally means that while using Gmail you have easy access to all other services for free.
  •  Many features are allowed in Gmail, which makes it an efficient, easy-to-use platform such as the powerful search service powered by Google, Instant messaging, and video conferencing.
  • Gmail can also be accessed through third party programs by using protocols IMAP and POP
  • Security features include SSL data encryption and data backup services.