FinancialForce, built entirely on the business cloud platform from Salesforce, provides you and your team a complete, customer-centric view of your business. It allows businesses to align sales, service and finance on one cloud platform. FinancialForce provides customer-centric apps for Billing, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Accounting, Revenue recognition, Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications and Human Capital Management (HCM). 

Why FinancialForce?

  • By keeping the focus on the customer, FinancialForce helps companies accelerate high growth, deliver maximum growth and increase efficiencies
  • Visibility into the sales pipeline helps information flow between sales and services so you can better manage your resources and increase customer success by putting the right people on the right projects 
  • Companies can also optimize their capacity planning with powerful forecasting and research management tools designed to give them greater control and predictability over projects and resources 
  • You can give your team the tools to stay connected and efficient no matter where they are with automated time and expense management
  • Billing is faster and agile unifying all your models and fitting right into your ERP
  • An interactive Gantt chart gives you visibility into project status, resources, dependencies and resources so you can quickly spot issues and make adjustments 
  • Reduced accounting cost with automated revenue recognition 
  • By leveraging key strategic partnerships FinancialForce helps to accelerate business growth 
  • FinancialForce built on a Salesforce platform and trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprise companies bring predictability and efficiency to your business