FedEx Corp., previously known as Federal Express Corporation and then FDX Corporation, is one of the world’s largest delivery services. It provides e-commerce, transportation, and business services to customers and businesses globally. FedEx provides time-sensitive, air-ground service. Its networks are collaborated to provide great customer service. Its networks cover over 220 countries. The company has over 570,000 employees around the globe. 

Why FedEx?

  • The Company is well known for its overnight shipping services. If the parcel is not delivered on time, you can get your money back 
  • FedEx has a system by which senders and customers can track the status of their packages in real time 
  • It provides free packaging
  • The customs clearance systems of FedEx are fast and effective 
  • Each invoice has delivery proof 
  • The company has customer service centers around the world. You can even chat online on their website 
  • It uses advanced technology and invests in IT systems 
  • It focuses on reducing waste, using eco-friendly packaging, and adopting other sustainable practices 
  • FedEx is not only fast but also a reliable shipping service 
  • Since it offers a diverse range of delivery services, you will always be able to choose the best option for whatever you want to ship